I’m literally just waiting for Daw to publish his best songs of the year list

Daw told me it was coming last night, but like the Y2K bug it never happened. I’m waiting for it to do an Instagram recap update, and I suppose like ambitionless Ryan Reynolds in the 2005 film ‘Waiting…’, I will continue doing as such.

I don’t know why I’m letting Daw have power over my life. Daw supports the Yankees for no reason, he’s a below average meme-maker, and he never makes breakfast after he picks me up from the airport and lets me crash on his couch in Chicago. I’ve got shit to do Daw, if you could pull it together that would be great.

Here’s some waiting songs to get us through the next who-even-knows-how-many hours.

How does this only have 2.3M views? That’s shocking to me.

Wait by Ying Ya- mmm no.