Fresh Singles May

Hi, you’all once again, today we have a great new music day, several cool releases that obviously you can find in Playlist Fresh Singles, in case you still don’t know I have a new format now (and also a brand new image) for now on all the tracks added will stay in this Playlist during 4 whole weeks after that they will be saying goodbye to this Playlist but surely you still can find them in another that fits best for it.

1 Tired Lion Waterbed Yes finally the band from Perth Australia deliver new music, previous was in since 2018 and this one is so good that it’s already one of my favorites recent releases.

2 The Stroppies Look Alive More indie from Australia now from Melbourn (big fan of the Aussie scene since a few years ago), this is the third single that gives name to their upcoming album out June 05 and they sound fantastic

3 Covet Parachute Now from California this trio with their newest track after Nero (instrumental track) released at the end of March, this time with lyrics is a bit softer track or with a different vibe but really good and enjoyable.

4 Half Moon Run Grow into Love  From Montreal Quebec, more instolated tracks, now the turn for this folk band that is back after their last year album A Blemish in the Great Light with this beautiful tune

5 July Talk Identical Love  More from Canada now (Toronto) with their third single part of the upcoming album Pray For It out July 10 really different track than their previous two this one in some way more heartfelt alongside with a sax solo…a thing of beauty!!!

6 Feuerschwanz I See Fire Erlangen Germany third single part of the upcoming album Das Elfte Gebot out next June 26 folk-rock/folk metal this track (Ed Sheeran cover) shows us why these guys are one of the hottest bands in this genre.

7 Ariel View Fake Friends From Ontario California, this indie/surf band this track is new for Spotify users but was really released back in 2017 at Bandcamp so if you fan surely you already know the track but if not, you can enjoy it now.

8  Hanover Somer This is one of those small and new bands that I love so much, with very few followers (42 followers 30 monthly listeners) from New England emo/emo-punk indie/alternative anywhere in between this track is part of an upcoming EP titled Virginia and Everything After with 5 tracks and this is the fourth out. Currently, Hanover is Donny McManus guitar and vocals, Michale (snooks) Papagna drums, and Zach Willette Bass

9 Lucern Raze / Shit Kid Tradgarden Another single part of the upcoming album “INTERNATIONAL BREAKDOWN”, available May 20 via PNKSLM Recordings. The last one still is hot less than 1 week from release and this collaborative now you can find it in Playlists #LessThan1000Followers as well.

10 Jonah Yano delicate Last but not least one more from Ontario Canada, this track part of the upcoming debut album Souvenir out June 19 an album about his personal history.

This is the whole Playlist for #FreshSingles already over to 500 tracks

Enjoy it and stay tuned if you want to be updated with the new hot and cool artists.


New Music Friday EP’s

Hi y’all another  New Music Friday with some cool EP’s worth to listen.

1 Enter Shikari THE GREAT UNKNOWN UK alternative / experimental rock well this is really their fourth single part of the upcoming album Nothing Its True and Everything is Possible for next month and I’m so hyped with all the released tracks and can’t wait for the album.

2 Do Nothing Zero Dollar Bill UK alternative/ indie rock If you listen their previous tracks released titled FITS I’m sure that was more than enough to be excited for this EP You don’t need nothing else to push play to this EP.

3 Strange Bones Blitz Pt 2 UK Punk / Alternative You need to turn up the volume to listen this three tracks the first two already gain a lot of streams and this new track Ten Guns is going to follow the same path.

4 The Kooks Unshelved: Pt I UK indie rock This song we’re not included in previous albums, Why? If you listen you’re not understand why this weren’t included, 5 really solid tracks that you’re going to enjoy.

5 Mt Joy My Vibe USA  indie folk / Alternative this is another upcoming album presented as an EP, the albums Rearange Us is dropping May 05 and is a 13 tracks work and so far we have 6 for our enjoyment.

6  Why Bonnie Voice Box USA Alternative / Dream Pop dazed and dreamy beautiful tracks in the voice of  singer Blair Howerton explains in her own words the track that gives name to this EP “The video highlights the rift between reality and what is expected of you.”

7 Rosie Carney I dream I was the night UK Folk after her successful last year album Bare (about her own battle with mental health) is back without slowing down at all with three tracks one  already released last month here the video

8 Kalbells Mothertime New York art pop / experimental pop /  Bandcamp “Cool and Bendable” was inspired by a dream in which she held her yet-unborn child, but as Kal finished writing the song in the studio with Jeremy, she realized it was actually about holding herself, a body, a life. An EP you don’t wanna mis.

9 Methyl Ethel Hurts To Laugh Australia Indie Pop / Alternative / Indie Rock great tracks that maybe didn’t make the cut in his previous album Triage from last year (not sure) but thankfully today we can listen and enjoy it.

10 Tenderlonious After The Storm UK Experimental/ Jazz / Electronic Wow what a cocktail in this work, it’s a cool blend of all this genres that surely you’re going to enjoy this instrumental tracks.

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

Fresh Singles April

Week 14 2020 And this is the first day for this April and already more than 100 tracks released as singles 90 from Last Friday until yesterday and 10 new relased today #NewMusicAlert Let’s go and check out this 10

Let’s start for the bands with #LessThan1000Followers

1 Adeline Hotel Trace

2 HMS Morris Poetry

3 The Banshees Tell Me Everything

4 Nightports w/ Baterie Hydro (This one was my #TrakoftheDay today awesomeness)

Now bands a litte more famous with new singles

5 Purity Ring i like the devil

6 Orville Peck Summertime

7 Beauty Queen Two of Us

8 The Magnetic Fields Kraftwerk in a Blackout

9 Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Hollywood Actors

10 Eve Owen Blue Moon

You can check it out the whole Playlist here remember for now 100 songs but for Friday only tracks released this April.

And this is the Playlist for the Fresh Singles March with 460 tracks released as singles

I hope you enjoy this tracks, remember to keep your self save and sound #stayathome

12 New Songs This Week

Remember that if you can’t catch up with the new music released daily that honestly can be overwhelming, this Playlist might work for you just fine!!! This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles right now after 10 days more than 150 tracks) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here, more folk oriented or soft indie pop (insists: if it’s possible). This week seems not as possible LOL Fresh Singles March FreshSingles This week new additions are as great as you can find first lovely Sharon Van Etten and her new singles Starting at a Montain this is her second single this year after Beaten Me Down released last month. Nap Eyes and their third singles Mystery Calling. Model/Actriz is a noise band from Boston with an excellent  experimental / industrial track Suntan. Le Group Obscur is another band with Less Than 1000 Followers that I love so much, they’re French (alternative / ghotic / dream pop band) and this is their second single Pondecen II from an upcoming album/ep with 5 tracks out next April 03. Deradoorian (NY) and Saturnine Night is maybe the track that I like the most in this batch, lead single for her upcoming album Find The Sun out May 22 experimental / alternative hard to wait for this one. Well Enter Shikari is another that I’m really excited about, this is their second single the king part of their upcoming album Nothing is True & Everything is Possible out next April 17. You can listen the rest of the tracks in the Playlist.12 New Songs This Week week1112newsongs Also in case you’re wondering this is the final lineup for Week 10 of this year, this Playlist change every Monday-Tuesday in this span is usually fully updated and stay the same for the rest of the week until Sunday, with maybe one or two changes after this but always remain 12 total tracks that ever never stay more than one week. In case you want to can go back after this week you can do it in this link for the MixTape 10 2020 MixTape 10 2020Week10 Until next Week!!!

Fresh Singles March

Week 10 2020 And this is the first for this month and already more than 100 tracks released as singles and almost 50 relased today #NewMusicFriday some highlights feat Captives, Press Club, Jason Isbell, Tauk, GoGo Penguin, Gentle Stranger, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, Human Impact, Local H and more.

You can check it out the whole Playlist here

Enjoy it!!!

9 EP’s New Music Friday

New Music Friday brings 9 EP’s worth to listen

1 Trupa Trupa I’ll Find from Poland for all of us alternative rock / psychedelic 4 tracks 13 minutes an important band on the rise and voice of the psychedelic music scene


2 SHEAFS Vox Pop UK Punk Rock Great energy in this EP and so much fun to listen this guys


3 Jeanines Things Change New York Indie Pop After last year debut album today the release this 4 cool tracks


4 Melatonin Owls Rank & File Malaysian Pop Punk another Less Than 1,000 Followers band that I really enjoy, fresh, young and punk what else do you need?


5 The Chats Dine N Dash Australia punk / garage love the aussie scene they’re really leading edge in the music business for a while now and this guys are loud with catchy riffs that only make you wanna start to dance.


6 Viagra Boys Common Sence Stockholm Post Punk After their fantastic album Street Worms from last year they’re back with this four tracks and the one that give name to this EP is a reflective track about responsability over our actions when we’re not taking the right decisions. I’m a big fan of this guys.


7 Saint Sapphire 17 Bass Players in a Row Belfast UK Alternative Rock / Post Grunge batch of 4 tracks all loud all fun to listen, enjoy it!!!


8 Julia Bardo Phase Machester UK Indie Pop / Pop Folk Four lovely tracks writen by this girl with a beautiful voice (another artist to support under Less Than 1000 Followers)


9 Aunty Social The Day My Brain Broke Canada Indie Pop in her own words “Each song represents something that affected me during my upbringing and during this journey into a toxic lifestyle,”


Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in this Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind


Enjoy it and have fun this weekend!!!

Fresh Singles February 2020

Hi… me once again, I know I’m back (too soon), we all know that Fridays are an exciting day, and in this case I’m talking about music, is the best the of the week about New Music.

I have this Playlsit that I work and update daily named Fresh Singles (right now over 460 tracks almost 30 hours non stop music) but I also work a another in parallel exactly the same…Why? I lost my mind? I have nothing else to do? Pick your favorite. This work ethic helps me to have all the hard work that is cuarte this big Playlist save.

This is because each month I delete all the tracks in the Playlist and start all over again from cero (almost), for example next Monday I’m going to take down more than 350 tracks (from day 1 to last week more or less) and only keep the newest 100 tracks added to the Playlist for one more week, Why? For two obvious reasons, the first to give a fair chance to this new tracks to stay at least one week on it, and the second is that no one enjoy a Playlist with 4 or 6 tracks (or the number that I can find next Monday).

Once I have explain my self about the way this works lets move into the sweet new music this next Playlist is the Fresh Singles February 2020 is a secret one, so is hide in my Profile you only can find it here and at Spotify Community searching this name.

And this one is the orginal Fresh Singles that in monday is going to change

Some of the new and tracks added today (release day) are

Bryde that if you enjoy female voice as much as I do this is for you, lead single The Trouble is part of the upcoming album The Volume of Things out May 29th.

Creeper the Southampton punk rock or punk goth band released their lead single last month (Annabelle) and today the second Cyanide part of the upcoming album Sex, Death & the Infinite Void out next May 22.

Finally INU INU love this guys they’re a Netherlands / UK dream pop with the lovely voice of Amber (also play bass) and today deliver their second single Cubed of their secret but upcoming EP (no name yet or release date) but will be out around May, so keep an eye (better an ear) in this guys you can find them also in Playlist Less Than 1000 Followers. This video is their first single Tobiou they haven’t load the new one.

See you next time, I hope you enjoy the almost 40 tracks released today (as singles) in this Playlist and obviously the rest and remember to support your favorites.