Less Than 1,000 Followers

All this tracks were released yesterday as part of the #NewMusicFriday and you can find them all also in Playlist Fresh Singles (except the first one)

1 Madzen I Choose (Selfishness and Whatnot’s) Mexico City alternative / indie you surely don’t know nothing about this guitar player guy but I’ve been following through his career, only 25 years (almost) and a few bands behind he’s back as a one man band  under this new and cool moniker  (Madzen referes to the balance and harmony of being positive and negative coexisting at the same time) and yesterday unveil this track, his debut single and besides that I like the sound I’m hoping he gets his shit together and we have this track at Spotify and be part of this Playlist

2 Vanessa Silberman All The Kids New York USA I just can’t undersand that this is still here in this Playlist last year I love her single I Got a Reason and this new one is even better I hope you like it too and support her.

3 We Are Only Humans Ones West Salem Delaware USA alternative / beddroom pop this guy has been droping singles constantly and this one is good.

4 FEVER Electric England five piece indie rock only 3 singles released until now first one 6 months ago, I’m hoping this guys put an album together soon but maybe we still have to wait for this a few months. In fact I can’t find this track at Youtube so I pick the second single Money Love

5 The Vitrines Diamons in Her Eyes Southampto England alternative / indie rock only two guys but for now is perfectly clear that they don’t need more for this fierce sound. Just over 200 followers today #support

6  The Maybe Next Years Called Out Tempe Arizona USA Alternative Punk band with this song “about feelings of betreyal and being left behind by a friend” hard not to feel indentify this happens to all of us.

7 Bandit Desert Days Liverpool  Indie rock / Alternative I only can say that this mates ain’t going here for long 400 followers but they sound much better than that

8 Shadeemus Desert Days London a new band that yesterday present their debut single this Project originally composed by Scott Xylo and artista that I’ve been following the last couple of years he was part of this Playlist as a solo artista and now back with this new band with a great desert sound rock and a bit of psychedelia that you should love it!!!

9 BFA Perseverance Indie artis / post punk  / dark This guy also need your support a few singles in his back but by far I think this is his best work yet give him a listen and make your own opinion.

10 Jason Wilber If We Were Free USA This artista is more in the folk acoustic genre and this track is simply beautiful. #support

This is the whole Playlist getting closer once again to the 1K tracks

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!


New Music Friday EP’s

Once again New Music Friday brings some cool EP’s worth to listen

Don’t forget to visit Fresh Singles https://indiepong.wordpress.com/2020/04/01/fresh-singles-april/ already updated with more than 70 tracks released only this past 3 days and growing. Also checkout the new lineup for 12 New Songs This Week https://indiepong.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/1456/ now we’re ready let’s go to this new EP’s released during the week:

1 Le Groupe Obscure Pondence France alternative / dream pop 5 tracks that you should enjoy if you like this genre.

2 Thys + Amon Tobin Ghostcards USA electronic / ambient / downtempo It dosen’t sound like Tobin but sounds good as always with his work, kind nostalgic feeling in this tracks

3 Inner Wave wyd USA indie 6 tracks indie / rock / psychedelic my favorite track in this EP is for Estrella but listen and pick you own.

4 Kakkmaddafakka Ontas? Bergen Norway indie rock / indie pop 5 catchy tracks that fans of this band should enjoy and if you’re not lets go and give them a try.

5 Strange Neighbors Illuminasti New York alternative / indie rock / female fronted great 5 tracks that you’re going to enjoy for sure, with a retro vibe from the 80’s that if you were there or enjoy that decade is goingto be a fun album to listen to and but if not anyway you’re going to appreciate it.      

6  Spector Extended Play London This is the last of three EP’s that form the upcoming album Non Fiction duo out April 29, the newest track is When Did We Get So Normal? But I love them all.

7 Emmett Kai Stick to My Guns New York Indie pop / synth Four nice tracks in this work that eventually are going to be an album maybe or maybe not but one thing is for sure…we wanna get more!!!

8 Ben Wright Smith Volcano God Head Explodes Melbourn Australia dream pop / folk / psychedelic  rock another great unknown artist that needs your support, so show him some love.

9 Zuzu How It Feels UK Power Pop / Brit pop / Indie Rock Cool With Me is the only new track in this EP the rest already well known tracks that are easy to enjoy.

10 Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum self title EP New York Rocktronic just last week they were releasing Love American Style and yesterday they drop this EP with three new tracks 6 in total.

11 FINKEL Backpack of Snacks Los Angeles USA Alternative / Electronic Pop I’ve been following this couple for a while (since thier very beginning May 11 2018 when they released their debut single w / o) and I think this is their best sound yet, congratulations guys!!!

Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

March Albums Worth A Listen

Disclaimer I want to start this saying that I’m not going to talk about the albums released last friday, I haven’t the chance yet to listen most of them, but hopefully next month will be their time.

March is almost gone and I knwo some of you haven’t the time to listen to some new albums, time is a precious thing so I’m going to give you 10 indie or alternative Albums that I really enjoy this month and some of them from really little knows artist but that worth a listen.

10 Naked Six Lost Art of Conversation A 3 piece alt rock band based in Machester Released last March 06. I’m only going to say that this band is part of my last year Playlist 100 Underground Tracks 2019 (Only bands Less Than 1,000 Followers) and I was really waiting for this album.

9 ROCH Via Media an independet artista from London Singer and songwriter, album released March 06 very beautiful voice 44 minutes well invested in this debut album

8 No Aloha Rage, Love & Devotion somophore album for this band releasede last February 28 and you can find here a high energy tracks english and spanish a very nice mixed, tons of riffs, fun, fun, fun. Love this one and I’m shocked because they have so few followers and this isn’t fair don’t you think? So if you enjoy it show them some love.

7 False Heads It’s All There but You’re Dreaming debut album from Essex UK a punk rock band  that with their lead single Rabbit Hole left me wainting for more but nothing arrived until the release of this whole album, great British alternative rock.

6 Annabel Lee Let The Kid Go from Bruselas released March 20 a band that sound so fresh that since you start listening it’s inevitable to stop doing whatever you’re doing and turn your head and pay attention to the music, joyfull indie rock beyond the lyrics.

5 Twisted Wheel Satisfying The Ritual  released March 20 another band from Manchester they wait only 8 year to release this new album (long wait finaly over if you were already  fan) and if not this one must turn you into one, more riffs for us to enjoy!!!

4 Human Impact selft titled debut album released March 13 this supergroup realesed their lead single back in December 06 2019 November (their most streamed song so far) and then E605 in January 17, Consequences February 12 and finally Cause March 06 wicked good noise rock/metal

3Wasted Shirt, Ty Segall, Black Pus Fungus II released February 28 This is a must listen album  a collaboration between this two legends (Segall and Chippendale) working together to create this  experimental album that sound so much to both (last year Lightning Bolt album Sonic Citadel) and the garaje sound of Ty is an experience you need to live.

2 Porridge Radio Every Bad released March 13Brighton UK This is going to be one of the best albums this year no doubt. Brilliant lyrics and great music what else can you ask for?

1 The Wants Container March 13 Brooklyn NY another debut album in this countdown this is hard to pigeonhole but let’s say you can find post punk, synth pop and alterative rock and this is more than enough for me, they really got me since lead single Clearly a Crisis from last year (May) and then we have to wait untlil Feary Society (they were only getting higher each release)  and the third single The Motor wow, wow, wow… I hope you can enjoy this one as much as I do.

This is the Playlist with only one track from each album.

I hope you can find something you really enjoy!!!

Birmingham Scene Nowadays

Well did you miss me? I did miss you but here I’m once again and bringing to you some great and new bands to share with you, this time lets focus in 5 Birmingham bands with #LessThan1000Followers (remember that when I use this tag I’m talking about Spotify followers and obviously my Spotify Playlist about this kind of bands that I love so much).

Honey I Shot The Presidente (HISTP) an alternative rock band creating post break upo anthems, from the heart of the Birmingham music scene bringing out many ranges of styles and influeces (form The Strokes, The Streets, Hendrix, The Cure and many more) toghether to create something beautiful.


The past February 28 (1 day after my birthday….don’t worrie I know you didn’t know) they release 2 solid singles at once part of the upcoming EP Dragonfly this are the tracks.


This EP is coming next April 3rd or maybe sooner stay tune and if you enjoy their music rembmer to support them in the way you can do it. For now only released Understending

And Save It

Tyrants Emerging from the Black Country a young, energetic alternative punk driven four pieces whoseuparalleled live experiences are gradually releasing to the world through their singles, with influences from bnads such as Idles, Bilk, Estrons, Gaffa Tape Sandy and inspirations drawn form genres such as Classic Punk, groove-driven rock and hip-hop vocal delivery, this guys saw the release of their first single Arpons & Catnip this past January. They plan to drip-feed more singles across the year, continuing with next release in late April.


Smokin Eskimo this guys are waiting for this virus to go because they have some exciting gigs coming up, they’re at the slade rooms in wolverhampton and Jimmy’s Liverpool supporting the Jack Fletcer Band, at the Sunflower lounge in brum supporting Honey I Shot The President and a headline gig at The Clarendon in Wolverhampton (wolvo). Just this past sunday they’re in the sutdio recording some new tunes, in their own words “we got this new tune called dynamite and it’ll propa get you dancing” (we can’t wait for it)


Bermuda A three piece Alternative-Rock band not from Bermuda but from Birmingham taking inspiration from bands such as Highly Suspect and Nothing But Thieves with only two singles out but pretty awedome both, hope we can get something more ASAP


After Midgnight is an Alt Rock band formed back in 2018 also with only two singles released, both from last year, same here, hoping more for this year their influences: imagine if Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink-182 and Green day had a baby….. they are kind of that! https://open.spotify.com/track/485DykxYgzfZFv35sbqcCK?si=zymqgD0qQwOhIL8t_iLkrg


Remember that you can find tracks from this bands an more in this Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7vuKIgXTCZbs24ecgzQNM9?si=N2PEwUNPQaiCnbYiez9IvA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Underappreciated-1.jpg

Alterindie State Of Mind https://open.spotify.com/playlist/55m0cIJdVJn4vofAfbNMDC?si=OXHaoaSYQX66LpED1Ik1yg


Enjoy it, stay safe and have fun!!!

9 EP’s New Music Friday

New Music Friday brings 9 EP’s worth to listen

1 Trupa Trupa I’ll Find from Poland for all of us alternative rock / psychedelic 4 tracks 13 minutes an important band on the rise and voice of the psychedelic music scene https://open.spotify.com/album/4yJATCN4A0djU4fUDM8uEB?si=ug3_alAhQ-CGjg2JtOvRow


2 SHEAFS Vox Pop UK Punk Rock Great energy in this EP and so much fun to listen this guys https://open.spotify.com/album/2a4NyP7s7cEMaR3iHXZvjE?si=3lZWY8GWQCCo_Xz0QCyUrw


3 Jeanines Things Change New York Indie Pop After last year debut album today the release this 4 cool tracks https://open.spotify.com/album/7MPkLkecz6VSYR0NiRxMut?si=g6vedav0Qqqsz3IpwD-wvg


4 Melatonin Owls Rank & File Malaysian Pop Punk another Less Than 1,000 Followers band that I really enjoy, fresh, young and punk what else do you need? https://open.spotify.com/album/0ftyWEPClmB1IPw5ACi0Mf?si=eTIrxfagSZSsU0dPLC7KKA


5 The Chats Dine N Dash Australia punk / garage love the aussie scene they’re really leading edge in the music business for a while now and this guys are loud with catchy riffs that only make you wanna start to dance. https://open.spotify.com/album/2YHrgmkU1HEPFSvhkShchl?si=6i-hP6FST_OFAlm1p4-wRA


6 Viagra Boys Common Sence Stockholm Post Punk After their fantastic album Street Worms from last year they’re back with this four tracks and the one that give name to this EP is a reflective track about responsability over our actions when we’re not taking the right decisions. I’m a big fan of this guys. https://open.spotify.com/album/7m1Sb6fRqT30QdNr0tjdDP?si=flti1pGFQSGKocD-eew9tw


7 Saint Sapphire 17 Bass Players in a Row Belfast UK Alternative Rock / Post Grunge batch of 4 tracks all loud all fun to listen, enjoy it!!! https://open.spotify.com/album/0G93tXjD9YkGEXjGHql7NQ?si=RKddtOU7SEGK7T1nJDhxqw


8 Julia Bardo Phase Machester UK Indie Pop / Pop Folk Four lovely tracks writen by this girl with a beautiful voice (another artist to support under Less Than 1000 Followers) https://open.spotify.com/album/3JvXwqvGGFtUp847T1jnpE?si=l94HhL-zS4ar4tpnsMZ7xg


9 Aunty Social The Day My Brain Broke Canada Indie Pop in her own words “Each song represents something that affected me during my upbringing and during this journey into a toxic lifestyle,” https://open.spotify.com/album/6cEOyNISWaBToakAY3D0so?si=a2Ft9qnZR0SNQ0FegjkNvw


Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in this Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7vuKIgXTCZbs24ecgzQNM9?si=N2PEwUNPQaiCnbYiez9IvA

Alterindie State Of Mind https://open.spotify.com/playlist/55m0cIJdVJn4vofAfbNMDC?si=OXHaoaSYQX66LpED1Ik1yg


Enjoy it and have fun this weekend!!!

12 New Songs This Week

If you can’t catch up with the new music released daily that honestly can be overwhelming, this might work for you.

This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here, more folk oriented or soft indie pop (insists: if it’s possible). https://open.spotify.com/user/12147319523/playlist/25p0bePZSkGigXRb6jvMIU?si=0qRbFkMvSKaZp5RfS3WBrg

Also in case you’re wondering this is the final lineup for Week 09 of this year, this Playlist change every Monday-Tuesday in this span is usually fully updated and stay the same for the rest of the week until Sunday, with maybe one or two changes after this but always remain 12 total tracks that ever never stay more than one week. In case you want to can go back after this week you can do it in this link for the MixTape 09 2020 https://open.spotify.com/user/12147319523/playlist/5fjhClhvPYErHdHeDKZbJF?si=IdAgI4a-ShyeF0inNYCc4w

This week several Less Than 1,000 Followers ( Y So Cold, Phavors, Pieces Of June, Peplo and Panorama) the rest a little more famous.

Hope you enjoy it!!!