TBT: Kendrick’s spliced interview with Tupac on class disparity

This is about to be 6 years old and I don’t think it’s ever rang more true. What Robinhood is doing is wrong, and we deserve an explanation. I know this is already all over the internet, but it’s got AOC and Ted Cruz agreeing like old study abroad friends (not really, AOC immediately ended the pleasantries, but the sentiment stands).

But I’d rather focus on the brief moment of accord between two normally completely contrary parties, these two sides publicly agreeing on something with no qualifiers shows how overtly offensive this is.

Crazy times, here’s a more fun track from TPAB to lighten the mood:

Wait uh…

Mmm better… I guess. This album is so damn good.


Nicki Minaj forced to pay indie legend Tracy Chapman 450K for uncleared sample

^pictured above: Nicki Minaj and one of her fast cars.


UH OH! Gotta clear those samples Nicki! This is one of those behind the scenes things you don’t think about, but that can seriously hinder a project. A great example of this is Cartoons and Cereal by Kendrick Lamar, that song was supposed to be on GKMC but they couldn’t get the sample cleared, and now it’s just one of the most banging non-album singles of all time.

Also falling in this unfortunate category was Big Sean, Kendrick, and Jay Electronica’s ‘Control’ which is one of my favorite rap songs of all time. If you don’t remember this is the one where Kendrick calls out the whole rap scene and eviscerates them publicly, pretty awesome.

Anyways Nicki dropped this song with Nas after the release of her 2018 album ‘Queen’, and as per usual our expedient U.S. judicial system has brought down the hammer. Here is the song in question:


And here is the Tracy Chapman song: