New Music Flavor – Dante Elephante “Mid-Century Modern Romance”

I am a bit partial to Ruben Zarate (the human behind Dante Elephante) since we share the same hometown, but don’t let my bias fool you, Mid-Century Modern Romance is a must listen no matter where you’re from. The title of the album heavily prepares you for what you’re about to hear and experience, everything else I say is just additive word vomit.

Smooth, disco infused melodies paired with positive and love filled messaging – this 26 minute long album will only take up a small portion of your day, but will leave you feeling great for days. Be prepared to get groovy and get happy.

The first track on the album “Find Somebody to Love” is some classic feel good music that transports you to another era, but also feels like a hilarious personal attack in the best way possible. The lyrics literally say “so don’t stay at home, waiting all alone – go find love, you’ve got time“. RUBEN I AM TRYING but I also really appreciate the support. Some us of single folk really do sit here expecting the love of our life to show up at the door. (Um hello, isn’t the next delivery man going to be my forever person?)

“Jeni” is an obvious call out from this album as it’s groovy and written about his real life girlfriend, Jeni. Here’s a lyric video of the two of them eating delicious food. As one of three Indie Pong members who joined on Instagram Live earlier this pandemic and just ate pizza in front of y’all, I really appreciate this.

“Santa Barbara” is another favorite, especially if you watch the below lyric video. As a fellow native of the beach town, I’m geeking out on experiencing this video taking me for a cruise along Cabrillo BLVD.

Dante Elephante has been a local town favorite of Santa Barbara since his debut album German Aquatics in 2013. Now that Ruben has established the name as his solo career, you can really witness his evolution and growth as his sound and style materialize. Another artist to keep tabs on as you go about your life, I expect nothing but more great tunage from Dante Elephante in the future.

For fans of Sundara Karma, Magic City Hippies, Twin Peaks, mmmonika, Night Riots, Royaljag, Dayglow, and just general good vibes.


Artists To Watch 2021

Despite all the chaos, a lot of great music came out of 2020 (read Mates’ Best Gems of 2020). Here at Indie Pong, we have high hopes for 2021 and the quarantine induced tunes we’re about to bear witness to. Keep reading to see some of our individual picks for Artist To Watch.

Classy Cassie‘s Pick: Jean Dawson

Refusing to play by the rules of the game, genre-bending and chaos inspired Jean Dawson worked hard on evolving his sound with releases over the last couple years. With increasing successes, I’m putting my money on Jean Dawson as the biggest come up of 2021.

jpgchief’s Pick: Volk

Our resident new music guru jpgchief recommends Volk as the artist to watch for 2021. When jpgchief talks new music, we listen. Read more about what he has to say about Volk in his article from last month, Introducing To….Volk!

Amber On The Radio’s Pick: Maddie Medley

Medley says “If I have one hope for my music, it’s that it provides some kind of healing for people, and maybe helps them to understand themselves better”. Amber picked her for her mesmerizing vocals, lyrics rich with emotion, and badass guitar playing! One of our newest bloggers, get ready to feel sentimental about the holidays being over by catching her latest article the tea on twang *festivus edition*.

Karl Octagon’s Pick: Silver Sphere

Big on the Tik Tok scene, Karl has his money on Silver Sphere for 2021. Read more about The God-Tier Pop Eargasms Karl put together at the end of last year for more insight into his music taste.

George Folz’s Pick: Stove God Cooks

Stove God Cooks gives me hope for wordplay, and lyricism coming into vogue once again. This kid can R-A-P. Here’s to him bending enough ears to shifts tastes, when he inevitably makes his splash within the mainstream.❤️ Read the latest Tuesday Time Machine from George – he really knows how to throw it back.

For some top hits from 2020, check out the Indie Pong 2020 playlist.

New Music Flavor: Adeline, Molly Burch, Wild Nothing, Bay Ledges, José James

2021 coming in hot with the chaos, fear, political unrest, and (thankfully) new music. A few standout favorites from today – hope you’re ready for some pick me up kinda music.

Adeline “Whisper My Name” – released this past Monday, check it out – I mean damn

Molly Burch, Wild Nothing “Emotion” – boppin’ around with your Friday coffee kinda vibe with a dope visualizer

Bay Ledges “Feelz” – a chiller, laid back experience

José James – “Come To My Door (Live at Levon Helm Studios)” – a little extra beauty that we all sure need right now

Most Influential Artists of Each Decade

I got together with Just Joel and we hashed out who we think the most influential artists of each decade were. This was tough, as we went with most influential, not necessarily the most popular or iconic, but who we really think helped to shape the music that came after it. Obviously picking just one is out of the question, so we settled on the top three for each decade.

The 1950’s – Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Ella Fitzgerald
The 1960’s – The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix
The 1970’s – Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder
The 1980’s – Michael Jackson, Prince, Talking Heads
The 1990’s – Nirvana, blink-182, Dr. Dre*
The 2000’s – Radiohead, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga
The 2010’s – Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem, Beyoncé

I already know this is going to be a controversial topic, so I anticipate your critique.

*update credit to Stepha Murphy, 12.11.2020

New Music Flavor – BENEE “Hey u x”

BENEE, or as I like to call her, the one positive outbreak of 2020, is off the chaaaaaaaaarts. One killer after the next. Today’s wonderful Friday the 13th brought us her latest album “Hey u x”.

BENEE has been kicking major a$$ the last couple years, and if the name sounds slightly familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her pop up on all your favorite playlists. ALL of them.

This album breathes life into me today, as it starts off strong with “Happen To Me” – a track that validates all the new and strange anxieties that have creeped into my life, and possibly yours. I never considered myself to be someone who suffered from anxiety, but all bets are off currently. She covers death and the final thoughts that come with the end of life, but the song is so far reaching – who can honestly say they haven’t let their worries and concerns about the future get ahead of themselves in the past few months? Sometimes I go weeks without sleeping and eating without even realizing it. We’ve all got something on our minds lately, and when the world seems like it’s crumbling without control, it’s hard to manage the daily stressors.

“I think about these things too much / my mind likes to wind itself up

And I don’t get a lot of sleep/ cus what if they happen to me”

Another stand out track is Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton – because need I say more? It starts off with lyrics “I know I fucked up, I’m just a loser” and I was pretty confused at first. I didn’t remember writing a dope song about myself with dear Gus…..

“I’m a sad girl, in this big world, it’s a mad world”

…………………………same. * initiate emo kid seaweed arms *

Before leaving you with the final album, one last highlight – “Plain ft. Lily Allen & Flo Milli”. So many dope m’fers on this album. How do I get invited in to this cool club?

Okay thanks for chilling with today’s word spittle, here’s the full album.

New Music Flavor – “illusion”

I have a terrible feeling…this song is going to both make and break your day.  

My ears. My heart. My soul. I’m conflicted by this beautiful song filled with pain and grief from a combination of artists who have witnessed and experienced tragedy and injustice.

Grayson, Uruguay and Danny Denial came together virtually over quarantine to create and produce this beautiful and bone-chilling piece of art called “illusion”.

These musicians have come together in a collaboration that melts so smoothly together, yet is so unapologetically representative of each of their sounds. You’d never know it by their smooth transitions, but these four musicians were never all in the same room while creating this track as they all live in different areas of the US and are all practicing social distancing and proper quarantine protocol.

While this song is emo and depressing and makes my heart hurt for all the friends I can’t protect right now, Stepha Murphy (half of Uruguay) insists that the song is also meant to be hopeful, as it is giving a voice to those who otherwise might not have one.

I think song also gives hope and inspiration to creatives and dreamers who feel stuck and helpless. If these four musicians can create such a seamless work of art from opposite sides of the country, you too can find a way to make your dreams a reality during quarantine. We are limited, but have extensive potential.

Shit is insane right now, for the love of your friends and family – PLEASE VOTE PLEASE PLEASE. Use the voice you have and scream with it, for not everyone receives that same privilege.

Tune in to Indie Pong Instagram Live TONIGHT AT 5PM PST/8PM EST for an exclusive interview with these cool cats! Stepha Murphy of Uruguay is doing our first “Friends of Indie Pong” takeover and will be interviewing both Grayson and Danny Denial.

Sunday Tuesday George is out of control

Who does George think he is, changing the date of his weekly post around all the time. Classy Cassie and I were discussing today the boulder rolling down a hill that is George right now.

George’s assent into blog stardom started with his extremely well written and often emotionally charged ‘Sunday With George’ reviews, hence the nickname Sunday George. As the fame continued to engulf him alive he branched out and started a new column- ‘Tuesday Time Machine’, curated playlists from different years every Tuesday, which skyrocketed in views (he just started a playlist if you want to follow along), extending his nickname to Sunday Tuesday George. But now he’s trying to take over Mondays as well with his new (Monday) Tuesday Time Machine and I frankly have no idea what’s going on anymore. That’s basically half of the week, completely taken over. I honestly think he let the internet fame go to his head thought he could take over the whole week, he ‘got too big’ as they say.

Basically this is what happened to George in gifs:

Lindsay Lohan Eating Alone GIF - LindsayLohan EatingAlone MeanGirls -  Discover & Share GIFs
Sunday With George
Shut Up! GIF - MeanGirls Cafeteria ShutUp - Discover & Share GIFs
Tuesday Time Machine
Mean Girls' Turns 10: The Iconic Movie As Told In 35 GIFs | StyleCaster
(Monday) Tuesday Time Machine (wtf)

Anyways I don’t know what to do about this unhinged poly-columnist anymore. Cassie has some thoughts too or Cassie said some great thoughts above depending on which one of these she puts on top.


This is an outrage.

Where does it end, George? WHERE DOES IT END?

Are you trying to be an entire calendar? Do we call you 2020 George?

At this point, it feels like a personal attack on the other days of the week. Are you Days-ist? That’s not very PC, man.

Is this the mf’n Days Inn? This playlist is dedicated to the MADNESS that Sunday Tuesday Monday George has ignited.


Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Classy Cassie

New Music Flavor – Juno Francis “Oyster Love”

Today, the world welcomes Oyster Love with open arms – the new EP baby from retro-esque duo Juno Francis (Angelica Ranåsen and Jacob Fagerstå). Self described as “the lovechild of a 60s gentleman and an 80s lady”, this Berlin based duo first caught my ears on Instagram with their track “Queen’s Anthem”, which yes, I do believe was written for me personally and remains one of my go-to songs.

The sonic journey of Oyster Love begins with “Follow the Stars”, a dreamy lil tune that makes me feel like I’m in a peaceful forest feeding deer and singing to squirrels. How delightful is that?

Next up is the title track, which is self described as “the darker side of a romantic world view and the sacrifices made to chase self-fulfillment”. As a former emo kid who has recently recently returned to bad habits, this track is a great representation of my anxiety and current state of mind. Upbeat, jivey keys that get you dancing and leaves a smile with some badass, darker lyrics that keep it real and leave you just a touch antsy.

FINALLY WE GET TO “FIGHT”, THE SONG THAT I CAN’T STOP HUMMING TO. It’s so magical and sensual, I can see this track closing out a Twin Peaks Season 3 episode. David Lynch, if you’re reading this, I have your next featured artist.

With the final touch, “I Wanna Run Away” – about the only thing I have to say about this track is SAME! I can’t think of a sentiment I’ve repeated more over the last six months than expressing how much I want to run away to live in a cave on the beach, completely isolated. However, I’d make an exception for Juno Francis. They’re welcome in my hideout any day, as long as they bring the slinkin’ grooves.

Listen to the EP in full here! You’ll have it on repeat all weekend. I say that a lot, but you should know by now that I’m not writing about a song or an artist unless I truly believe you can jam the heck out to it.

Can’t get enough of Juno Francis? Tune into Indie Pong’s Instagram Live TOMORROW at 11am PST for an exclusive interview with Angelica and Jacob.

New Music Flavor – Magic Bronson “I Don’t Know Man”

Honestly man, I don’t know either….but this track is pretty dope.

Magic Bronson, an LA based indie duo, are unsurprisingly playful and quirky – staples that seem to be crucial to all acts under Handwritten Records. In their own words, they “spearhead music trends, tackling social issues and the anxiety of what’s going on in the world and coupling it with sensational and experimental melodies”. Sounds pretty relevant to me.

Side note, if anyone starts to “know man”, please let Magic Bronson and myself know.

New Music Flavor – B & the Hive “Heart Beat”

It’s hard to know what existence is these days – are we here? Are we gone? Is my heart still beating? THANK GOODNESS B & the Hive pulled through with their new EP “Heart Beat” to serve as a sonic defibrillator.

California cruisin’ kids, B & the Hive are best known for their ethereal and inspiring tunes as well as their strong sense of community. With the release of Give Love, they prompted fans to send in submissions for the music video WHICH IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO SITUATIONS. In the famous words of Marie Kondo, these buzzin’ bees sure do “spark joy”.

Don’t just take my word for it – check out what all the buzz is about for yourself!

PS Stay Tuned…..a little bee told me the Hive may make a pitstop on Indie Pong on their way to the Queen Bee’s hive.