Debut Bands (in earnest)

Happy 4-20 to you’all this is another post about Debut Bands and the newest additions is one that I really fall in love with their sound and their history and wanna share it with you.

in earnest put me under  debut  single released last Friday by this UK  trio aged between 25-31, and in their own words  “we’ve found that a lot of people find it hard to pin a genre on us. The nearest we can describe it is ‘sad indie’ – we sing a lot about mental health and like to encourage conversations around that topic”. This is part why I already love them (in my case I have a son that suffer with depression so I have a clear idea about mental health issues)

Some of the bands that ha part of their influences are  Phoebe Bridgers, Boygenius, Elliot Smith, Dodie, Paramore among others.

Currently they’re working in new music “two of us live together, so we’ve been able to do some music while in lockdown. We’re currently working on a collaboration video with all three of us in! We’ve also been doing yoga, reading lots of books and doing live-streams. 

I want to thank Sarah for sharing this words with us and this is the track that you can find also in Playlist #LessThan1000Followers and #FreshSingles

This is the Spotify Playlist that will be updated every time I find a “new band” already 26 of them.

Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.


12 New Songs This Week 16

April 14 2020

Remember that if you can’t catch up with the new music released daily that
honestly can be overwhelming, this Playlist might work for you just fine!!!

This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles right now over 200 tracks) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here, more folk oriented or soft indie pop (insists: if it’s possible).

1 Retirement Party Runaway Dog lead single for their somophore álbum Runaway Dog out May 15

2 Amnesia Scanner AS Going (feat LYZZA) is back with their lead single for the second álbum Tearless out 5th of June

3 Salomon Cat Fortune 500 not much about this guys only that today they reléase this track Their second single after debut Trip of Dusseldorf that already is over 75K streams.

4 Orlando Weeks Blood Sugar after Safe and Sound this is his second single part of the upcoming álbum A Quinckening otu June 12th.

5 Dieg Cig Who Are You? Part of the upcoming álbum Do You Wonder About Me? Out May 1 third single and maybe the best so far.

6  Kid Cudi Leader Of The Delinquents yes the new song by the Brooklyn based rapper and part of the upcoming álbum Entergalactic with no time table yet, who knows maybe later this year.

7 The Streets and Tampe Impala Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better this one was released yesterday but seems that you can find it everywhere .

8 PINS Ghosting one more track for this cool girls part of their upcoming album HOT SLICK out May 29 I remember that Serve The Rich was the first song that I listen from this trio and since then (2017) I’m in love with their sound. With this track 5 out there and only 5 more to wait for.

9 Pure X Middle America lead single for the upcoming self titled album out May 1 a 12 tracks work of alternative rock / indie rock.

10 Ruston Kelly Brave  this is no doubt a beautiul tune that surely you’re agoing to listen over and over and over.

11 I Break Horses The Prophet  this is the fourth single for this Sweden girl and her new album Warnings (12 tracks work) set to release May 08 and I hardly can wait to listen the whole thing fluently and her own words the album is about “the alarmist times we live in. Each song is a subtle warning of something not being quite right.”

12 Neck Deep When You Know  part of the upcoming album All Distortions Are Intantionall this track is the second single after Lowlife and is catchy and fun alternative / pop punk so enjoy it!!!

This is the Spotify Playlist that is updated every week with the 12 best tracks IMHO

12 New Songs This Week

Enjoy it and stay tune because usually some of this tracks are in and out during the present week.

P.S. This is the final lineup for Week 15 (MixTape 15 2020 April 06-11)

Fresh Singles April

Week 14 2020 And this is the first day for this April and already more than 100 tracks released as singles 90 from Last Friday until yesterday and 10 new relased today #NewMusicAlert Let’s go and check out this 10

Let’s start for the bands with #LessThan1000Followers

1 Adeline Hotel Trace

2 HMS Morris Poetry

3 The Banshees Tell Me Everything

4 Nightports w/ Baterie Hydro (This one was my #TrakoftheDay today awesomeness)

Now bands a litte more famous with new singles

5 Purity Ring i like the devil

6 Orville Peck Summertime

7 Beauty Queen Two of Us

8 The Magnetic Fields Kraftwerk in a Blackout

9 Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Hollywood Actors

10 Eve Owen Blue Moon

You can check it out the whole Playlist here remember for now 100 songs but for Friday only tracks released this April.

And this is the Playlist for the Fresh Singles March with 460 tracks released as singles

I hope you enjoy this tracks, remember to keep your self save and sound #stayathome