Daw’s Top Songs of 2020 is the Most On-Brand Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Since we’re considering firing Daw I thought I’d Spotify-stalk him and found him listening to his own top songs of 2020, wherein I found zero surprises. Here’s a glimpse of the top of the list:

Niiiiiiiccceeee nice nice

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Not that this is lame or anything, these are all dope bands (and almost literally all from Chicago besides Forth Wanderers who are from Jersey and King Floyd from NOLA), I just wanted to point out that it is extremely on-brand for hot-dawg Daw who’s avatar is literally a hot dog and who lives in the heart of Chicago and whose room looks like the Chicago Museum of Sports.

Anyways I’m just giving Daw a hard time but it’s a solid list I guess:

Also I understand it was a turbulent year but no Kanye, does that give new meaning to Daw’s meme that was universally panned across the internet? Hard to say.


Complicate Your Life With Violence Is A Masterpiece and Right Up There with Bandana for Hip Hop AOTY

First of all, shouts out to Bandcamp for being the best music site on the planet (besides Indie Pong of course) and constantly shining a spotlight on unique acts from all around the world. Bandcamp is my favorite website to find new music on for sure, here is the original write up they did in case you’re interested: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/10/25/lorange-jeremiah-jae-complicate-your-life-with-violence-interview/

This album is absolute fire. It’s a war-themed concept album by producer L’Orange (North Carolina) and producer-rapper Jeremiah Jae (Chicago – aye whattup Chi-Town) that utilizes some killer old school style beats and interludes reminiscent of Mm.. Food but with a fresh flavor that makes it completely it’s own. The Madgibbs reference is totally warranted, as Complicate Your Life With Violence also achieves that innately nostalgic feeling while being brand new and original content with something to say. There isn’t a bad lyric on this record, and you can bet it’s going to be on rotation for a long time.

Here’s a video that they released in August directed by Ryan Calavano:

Love a good Hip Hop album, saving rap bar by bar. Stay tuned for some more Hip Hop updates soon, particularly in our upcoming……….

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