Fresh Singles Week 17

Wow, I’m struck by the amount of new music that we keep reciving daily, I thought that in these umprecedented times maybe we’re going to be suffer from a lack of music but fortunately that hasn’t been the case.  Therefore let´s go and take a look to some of the new music released today

1 Bright Eyes Forced Convalescence second single of their upcoming new album that hasn’t been detailed, here the awesome track released a few hours ago and  surely is going to be one of the favorites for the fans (and no fans too)

2 Deradoorian Monk’s Robes  you got to be kidding me, this girl release Saturnian Night back in March a fantastic track over 7 minutes and I think this has to be the best track  on the upcoming album Find The Sun (due out September 18) and then she release  today the second single and…maybe is better than the lead single (at least equally good)

3 Bill Nace Part 8 an instrumental and experimental rock this is the third track part of the upcoming album Both 8 tracks work set to release May 22 this guitar player has work with Thurston Moore but maybe you didn’t need to know this to find something familiar in their music, so if you enjoy Moore recent work this one is going to be a weird bliss  of noise and music maybe not at the same time but almost.

4 Man Man On The Mend also third single for the band and their upcoming album Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between out May 01 is another experimental rock / alternative that is so fun to listen (an easy much listenting experience than the previus track in this list)

5 Kooba Tercu Fair Game this is the second track  part of the upcoming album Prot Tekno set to reléase May 22 and if you’re thinking this guy only is sharing experimental rock (krautrock / noise / psychedelic) I only can say it’s not my fault (but I love it) this is the way this tracks have been released I know seems to be intended. Anyway is an spectaluar track and I’m really stoked about this album.

6 Caleb Landry I Dig Your Dog Another highly expected album The Mother Stone out May 01 a psycho pop or indie rock work that bring to my mind the album by King Tuff The Other back in 2018 (part of my Top 100 Albums that year) and this one seems to be in the same way skyrocketing the charts (I mean is a debut album but is incredibly good so far)

7 Esther Rose Blue On Blue After her last year album You Made it This Far this contry / folk Singer present last month her lead single My Favorite Mistake and today release a Nick Lowe’s cover Blue on Blue.  

8  Westerman Your Hero Is Not Dead today Will Westerman presents his fourth and is the one that gives name to the upcoming album out June 05 This one a sad and emotive track.

9 Drab City Troubled Girl from third single of their upcoming album Good Songs For  Bad People in their own words “It’s one our favorites from the new record” Well so far I agree and you?

10 The Cool Greenhouse Life Advice second single part of their self debut album alternative / post punk They have to be from the UK fantastic sound can’t wait for this album!!!

This is the whole Playlist for #FreshSingles already getting closer to 400 tracks

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.


12 New Songs This Week 14

March 31 2020

Remember that if you can’t catch up with the new music released daily that
honestly can be overwhelming, this Playlist might work for you just fine!!!

This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles right now after a whole month 31 days more than 450 tracks) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here, more folk oriented or soft indie pop (insists: if it’s possible).

New Music Alert for today Thursday March 31 7 tracks released today and 5 more from yesterday, did you already listen to it? No? Let’s go….

Damien Jurado drop a new track (after BirdsTricked into the Trees released March 02 part of Mixtape 10) for his upcoming album What’s New Tomboy? out May 1, the track Alice Hyatt is pretty good as always with this artista.

Yesterday Albion an indie duo based in Manchester reléase their third track titled Moonlit Night and I’m sure you’re going to love this track obviosly you can find them also in Playlist #LessThan1000Followers with only 23 right now

Today my Friends from Movie Club released their EP Man O’War they’re an instrumental duo that rock so good that you’re going to listen again and agian this 4 tracks until you get satisfied and please show the some love they’re part of the #LessThan1000Followers also. Hopefully with our help they can go out of there very soon.

Also another band under the 1000 followers mark is Mealtime from Manchester (one more…yes!!!) the track Rain Like This an wicked good track no doubt I hope you enjoy it and support them.

Born Rufians delivers their last single Breathe for the highly expected upcoming album JUICE out this Friday, the track is awesome.

Also M. Ward release his last single today Heaven’s Nail and Hammer before his new album Migration Stories drops this Friday, this track has a really retro sound from the 60’s that i find fantastic.

Today Jess Williamson delivers Infinite Scroll a sweet, tender and lovely track with the offcial video released yesterday. Part of the upcoming album  Sorceress out May 15.

And in a very different mood Empress Off and her new single Love Is A Drog part of the upcoming album I’m your Empress Of that also drops this Friday.

Here the whole Playlist that remember change every week from Monday to Tuesday


Also I’m going to leave here the last MixTapes 11, 12 and 13 in case you wanna go back and check them out.