12 New Songs This Week

If you can’t catch up with the new music released daily that honestly can be overwhelming, this might work for you.

This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here, more folk oriented or soft indie pop (insists: if it’s possible). https://open.spotify.com/user/12147319523/playlist/25p0bePZSkGigXRb6jvMIU?si=0qRbFkMvSKaZp5RfS3WBrg

Also in case you’re wondering this is the final lineup for Week 09 of this year, this Playlist change every Monday-Tuesday in this span is usually fully updated and stay the same for the rest of the week until Sunday, with maybe one or two changes after this but always remain 12 total tracks that ever never stay more than one week. In case you want to can go back after this week you can do it in this link for the MixTape 09 2020 https://open.spotify.com/user/12147319523/playlist/5fjhClhvPYErHdHeDKZbJF?si=IdAgI4a-ShyeF0inNYCc4w

This week several Less Than 1,000 Followers ( Y So Cold, Phavors, Pieces Of June, Peplo and Panorama) the rest a little more famous.

Hope you enjoy it!!!



Summary #TrackOfTheDay Week 09

The name of this thread says I’ll be adding one track daily to this Playlist, the best new track IMHO and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do. Already five whole months and counting, now more than 150 tracks.

This post is only the summary for this past week number 09 for this 2020 I hope you enjoy it

February 23 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Trepelv’s Waltz the newest single released this past Friday by the composer and pianist Manos Milonakis lead single for the upcoming álbum Seagull out March 13 via piano and coffe records. Relaxing track perfect for this Sunday morning that helps us to calle to mind this gracefull birds flying peacefully in this paradisiac  greek islands (or else where)…a thing of beauty in it’s own right,  both music and fowl. Enjoy it!!! https://youtu.be/c9xbfNEm6aA

February 24 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Moving lead single part of his upcoming album titled Third Album by  Markus Floats out May 01. New at Spotify, the track was released las week but he already have  several albums released, based in Montreal. https://youtu.be/UZHV4HgcZ5s

February 25 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Chasing The Present lead single for the upcoming selftitled album by the composer Snorri Hallgrímsson out March 13, this one isn’t the exception for this Playlist another thing of beauty, an intimate track that help us find a moment of peace and joy in out rushed and busy lives.https://youtu.be/88F12HjnB6k

February 26 2020

The Track Of The Day is for All Directions At Once the third and newest single released last week by the Swedish composer Olof Cornéer aka Night Gestalt and Joseph Shabason part of the upcoming album Sudden Rituals Vol 1 out tomorrow February 27. 

Beautiful track that might help you find focus on your work, the concentration requiered to get the job done.  Let the music take you to that place you need to be!!!https://youtu.be/bf8e2KBIBgM

February 27 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Pulses second single part of the upcoming album Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich) by Erik Hall released two days ago and this is the version by Hall for Reich’s masterpiece of minimalism, a 14 tracks work out next May 08 https://youtu.be/w_mTav3ZhPM

February 28 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Music the third track of the beautiful somophore album I Am As You Are Pt 1 by Sophie Michalitsianos aka Sol Seppy a really thing of beauty not only this track but the whole album.https://youtu.be/pA7K91U8rVM

This is the whole Playlist in case you want to listen to it and stay tuned https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5JyBfNbbF7J2JDC8m5sXTj?si=A6UzzXrhRxCeFRFOUvPhkw

See you next week!!!

February Albums Worth A Listen

Disclaimer I want to start this saying that I’m not going to talk about the albums released yesterday, I haven’t the chance yet to listen most of them, but hopefully next month will be their time.

Well February is almost gone and I knwo some of you haven’t the time to listen to some new albums, time is a precious thing so I’m going to give you 10 Albums that I really enjoy this month.

10 HUMANIST Humanist UK Genre Alternative Rock/Indie Rock Release Date February 07 Debut Album Since release date (January 13) for the lead single Shock Collar feat Depech Mode Dave Gahan I knew this was going to be good… but maybe not as good as really is, also featuring a lot of great artist such Mark Lanegan (QOTSA), Carl Hancock Rux, Mark Gardener (Ride) John Robb (The Membranes) and more, so many highlights in this work but along side with the lead single Truly Too Late and How’re You Holding Up are some of the best tracks in a really solid album. https://open.spotify.com/album/15dIWwk7hU5jJZxkY3xSs7?si=68ntMOHaQAG52I-I6GyOTw

09 Lanterns on the Lake Spook The Herd UK Genre Alternative / Indie Rock Release Date February 21 Every Atom was released as lead single last year November 06 and I love it right away (ends in my Playlist TOP100 Tracks Songs 2019) it was natural that I was expecting badly this album and I really enjoy it, only 9 tracks but solid as a rock, 40 minutos of pleasure waiting for you. https://open.spotify.com/album/3Bcb9Vla2T2otMCPmFk86s?si=lgGIHlecSxaXJmfvF1lIEw

08 Polaris The Death Of Me Australia Genre Metal / Metal Core Release Date February 21 2020 Even if you don’t enjoy this genre I advice you to listen the lyrics of this album if I have to use only one word to discribe this work it would be INTENSE!!! Fantastic guitar riffs, amaizing the number of streams this album already has hard to pick one track but once again if you’re not into this genre I advice to listen Martyr (Waves) (added to Playlist Missing You….) https://open.spotify.com/album/415LpbInk4LGm9q9ILX1s1?si=XSMLldyqSGiEL2yw2bkcLA

07 Emika Klavirni Temna UK Genre Neo Classical Release Date February 14 2020 First single that I listen to this album was Dilo 24 released February 07 and added to Playlist #TrackOfTheDay a couple of days later, in contrast with Polaris album this one is extremely easy listening, soft piano soundscapes, full of graceful melodies, sometimes a little melancholic but all of them higly beutiful, an album that is a really a enjoyable. https://open.spotify.com/album/1WBCY0xYLQojOTQv30VVBD?si=GZn6Wi9sQjC17ckEJcLkVw

06 Canshaker Pi Okay Decay Amsterdam Genre Aleternative / Indie Release Date January 31 I love this band since their previous album Naughty Naughty Violence that barly made my Top 100 Albums 2018 (was the number 100 in fact), but this album is certainly their best work yet, Nest was the lead single released back in November 22 a track that sounds really different from their previous work, more mature in general 11 tracks 44 minutes of good stuff. https://open.spotify.com/album/0s7vs5mfEydF1SyDQYzyE7?si=PeFrjk_bQB24-6xGg5Ymiw

05 Vula Viel What’s Not Enough About That? UK Genre Alernative / World / Jazz Release Date February 07 2020 This was what I wrote about them back in February 08 ” The Track Of The DayMore is More the last track part of the new album What’s Not Enough About That? Released yesterday by Vula Viel an alternative band that plays kind of jazz sometimes or world music if you prefer.  A great opportunity to listen something unique or at least really different, I hope you enjoy the track but my advice is to listen the whole will be time well invested. https://open.spotify.com/album/0s7vs5mfEydF1SyDQYzyE7?si=Ocae96DESt6UAzAZoGnvaQ

04 Yuri Gagarin The Outskirts of Reality Sweden Genre Heavy Space Rock / Stoner Rock Release Date January 31 Only 5 tracks album but 44 minutes full of epic riffs you can’t ask for more is simply a thing of beauty if you enjoy this genre this is an essential album that you need to listen. Maybe best track QSO https://open.spotify.com/album/77Q60woQ1bumlfK9Tr7j1t?si=3b5ad40QQTCDT-XWtl8wTA

03 Kungens Man Trappmusik Sweden Genre Kraut Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock Release Date February 10 I love to find out this one, is an awesome double album only 7 tracks but 78 minutes of magnificent music sometimes is like a jazz album (Senvagen) sometimes more psychedelic (Trappmusik) an introspective and calm work that you can enjoy while you´re working. https://open.spotify.com/album/4NxIiVY2oqkA6pYcRO8l9A?si=AC6WuY83QUWajJOvSRBn4Q

02 Agnes Obel Myopia Danish Genre Neo Classical / Alternative Release Date February 21 2020 The lead single was Island of Doom released back in October 29 and then the lovely e hypnotic Broken Sleep released in January 07. This woman/musician/composer is one of my very favorite artist nowadays I get in love with her album Phillarmonics back in 2010 (already 10 years) and then with her work in the series Late Night Tales: Agnes Obel two years ago (an extraordinay album that in case you haven’t listen today is a great opportunity to catch up and ejoy it) The way this artist is moving form her classical side to this new alterntive way is outstanding. https://open.spotify.com/album/1XFhwj2xUtypgyEqAmTrQV?si=UMsDHISvRbKU7AWtMgIBOw

01 Bambara Stray NYC Genre Alternative / Deathrock Release Date February 14 Back in 2018 I was in shock when nobody was talking about Shadow On Everything (I love that album) in fact was my No. 2 in my Top 100 Album 2018 but seams that no one know them and I just can’t sotp listeng Doe-Eyed Girl, José Tries To Live and my very favorite Backyard, for me this new album is the same that before but…BETTER!!! Reid Bate makes me think in Leonard Cohen expertise story telling or Sun Kil Moon art (spoken word) this guy is talking rather than singing a whole novel, this albums is more a 10 novels that you can order in the right way connecting the dots and try to figure out how how all of them are related not like the previous album that was more a lineal story. https://open.spotify.com/album/5YadPpwwzm2LC65dA88F0F?si=uSIM0p1iTrW6s49CFypggg

This is the Playlist with only one track from each album.

I hope you can find something you really enjoy!!!

Fresh Singles February 2020

Hi… me once again, I know I’m back (too soon), we all know that Fridays are an exciting day, and in this case I’m talking about music, is the best the of the week about New Music.

I have this Playlsit that I work and update daily named Fresh Singles (right now over 460 tracks almost 30 hours non stop music) but I also work a another in parallel exactly the same…Why? I lost my mind? I have nothing else to do? Pick your favorite. This work ethic helps me to have all the hard work that is cuarte this big Playlist save.

This is because each month I delete all the tracks in the Playlist and start all over again from cero (almost), for example next Monday I’m going to take down more than 350 tracks (from day 1 to last week more or less) and only keep the newest 100 tracks added to the Playlist for one more week, Why? For two obvious reasons, the first to give a fair chance to this new tracks to stay at least one week on it, and the second is that no one enjoy a Playlist with 4 or 6 tracks (or the number that I can find next Monday).

Once I have explain my self about the way this works lets move into the sweet new music this next Playlist is the Fresh Singles February 2020 is a secret one, so is hide in my Profile you only can find it here and at Spotify Community searching this name. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/71N7YfgIjQlqYlZHQ2YOaa?si=e4_tM24LQaizG0qv9l4Xhw

And this one is the orginal Fresh Singles that in monday is going to change https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0wwo4Wdmoj0ywUjyBVVERv?si=1ScZmhWNRA6SMLBrcbjh3g

Some of the new and tracks added today (release day) are

Bryde that if you enjoy female voice as much as I do this is for you, lead single The Trouble is part of the upcoming album The Volume of Things out May 29th. https://youtu.be/vxuPZvYbDTs

Creeper the Southampton punk rock or punk goth band released their lead single last month (Annabelle) and today the second Cyanide part of the upcoming album Sex, Death & the Infinite Void out next May 22. https://youtu.be/v_2C_9jLmNc

Finally INU INU love this guys they’re a Netherlands / UK dream pop with the lovely voice of Amber (also play bass) and today deliver their second single Cubed of their secret but upcoming EP (no name yet or release date) but will be out around May, so keep an eye (better an ear) in this guys you can find them also in Playlist Less Than 1000 Followers. This video is their first single Tobiou they haven’t load the new one. https://youtu.be/gsyTTBnqkik

See you next time, I hope you enjoy the almost 40 tracks released today (as singles) in this Playlist and obviously the rest and remember to support your favorites.


jpgchief music tastemaker

Hi y’all I’m new here and I don’t want you take me wrong about the titled of this post it’s more about my presentation (not really talking about me) but you know I need to give you some background.

I’m a freak music lover, I can’t stop spreeding the word (the music) if I enjoy it let you know for sure…one way or anothter. I only wish you can enjoy the music that I like as much as I do and in this way show you some new, cool, hot, awesome and undiscover bands or artist.

That’s kind of my signature, I believe my Playlist #LessThan1000Followers https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7vuKIgXTCZbs24ecgzQNM9?si=cgv8yrcxQ8G1jhxaiXWZPw

A Playlist that I’ve been working for the last almost 3 years, it’s constantly (daily) updated, I try really hard to keep the closer to 1K tracks/artist and less than 1 year released (even this way is hugh don’t you think). Always the new tracks adde goes on top so every time you go there you can find fresh new music.

You can find me out there Instragram, Facebook and Twitter as @jpgchief I know I’m a strange case and it’s hard to keep up with me but you always can catch me any time you can or want.

I wanna share with you my first band and newest discovery, they´re Cathedrale a Frech band that sound like a band from Manchester, a little punk, a little indie rock with their debut album Houses Are Built The Same on their way out March 27th lead and debut single Gold Rush ready to go recently released here the video only 12 listeners at Spotify 30 followers (I’m one of them) super excited waiting for next track or album. https://youtu.be/nK9WF65SPv8

If you have any comments I’ll be waiting.