I’m Going on Strike (Maybe): Song of Summer Series

It has come to this.

At the start of the Song of Summer Series I vowed to do my due diligence. I worked hard finding some upbeat, fun, summer time good times songs. I did exactly what was tasked of me by my superiors. I followed the indiepong Summer Series contract to a T.

Earlier this week I logged on to indiegram to check out what kind of fun, new updates indiepong had coming. What did I find? Mate’s had an article ranking his subordinates’ work.

Of course Mates ranked himself number one overall, as any competent leader would. I scrolled down. What did I find? I found myself looking down the bad end of a bell curve. 4th best.. oof. Ya know what? Maybe Mates just doesn’t get it. I mean, he did text me several times to tell me that I was posting heat, but maybe he’s just being a good friend and gassing me up. I appreciate that about Mates. Always looking out for his buddies. Great guy.

Oh another update! Uruguay the Band checked in. That is so exciting! I wonder if they rated me higher? Maybe a smooth 3. A good prime number may be just what I need to turn my fortunes around. Nope, second to last now. This is trending in the wrong direction for me at the moment.

So, as the well adjusted adult that I am, I did what I had to do. I ISSUED AN ULTIMATUM BABY. I am going on strike if, by the end of the weekend, I am not crowned the king of Song of the Summer Series.


So, you heard it here first. I am going on strike by this time Monday if I don’t get the respect I deserve.

Why should I be first place you may ask (BRIAN and URUGUAY THE BAND)?

Range. That’s why.

I gave you people a dance song with more clap beats than a Blue Man Group performance circa 2001.

Then I lit it up with a nice and bubbly rap song about the perils of love, and guns and such.

Next a song about buttered muffins, big d’s and chais longue’s. (Did I mention that this is the song of the year?) Seems like I should be starting to get a little traction, eh?

Finally, I capped it off with some new Tyler the Creator featuring Youngboy Never Broke Again, and Ty Dolla $ign. After hearing this song I’m 90% that Youngboy is the next RnB breakthrough artist that we never knew we needed. Chais Longue is my favorite song, but I guarantee that Wusyaname will take over the internet in the next few days (if it hasn’t already).

I’m hoping that I don’t have to flex my union muscles and get to pacing and chanting by next week instead of writing articles, but that’s not my choice. This is a decision for the big brass now. I’m looking at you Mates and Uruguay the Band.

Make the right choice.


Listening Party – “Off the Dial” by Native Sun

Happy Friday. It’s hot as all hell out here in the Midwest. I am slowly baking, and every room I enter carries my stench for a good two hours after the fact. Fortunately, it’s the style now with the kids on Tik Tok, so don’t ask any stupid questions.

Now that we have that out of the way, I thought it would be a good idea to give us something nice and chill. Something to keep us relaxed and carefree. Fun and flirty vibes only this summer. If you’re bringing any negative energy, then you have to go home. You can’t hang out with us.

I dip my toes in my ice cold kiddy pool and sit back with my shirt off. Ah, the life. We are calm, we are chill, we are relaxed at all times. Nothing can turn this mood around.


I don’t give a rats ass how sweaty this song makes me in the hellscape that is Chicago’s current 100% humidity heat spell. Start me out with some agro-punk then seamlessly segue into a stoner metal break down. This makes me so F**KING angry but, like, in a productive way. I punch through the wall, but later I turn that in to a tasteful breakfast nook.

Can we really talk about the transition to the stoner metal though. Everything cuts out and then the bassist is just like “Don’t worry boysh I got it from here”. It works so perfectly and is timed really really well. It sucks me in and then punches me in the gut when we bring in screaming solos and punishing snare and kicks. I’m feeling slightly bad for the drum heads because they were obliterated on this break down.

I just found out about Native Sun while perusing new releases from Grand Jury records. So, like any good educator, I decided to do a little research. Native Sun ask the question, “What is more American than a band of immigrants?” Their goal is retelling the sound of white America (stolen from the mouths and souls of black America) through the context of their (mostly) brown voices. That’s pretty rad if you ask me. The anti-gentrification of music through an active reimagining of the white story that we all are bombarded with constantly. Keep fighting the good fight, and if y’all wanna make some aggressive music for me while fighting, I won’t stop you.

Listening Party – “Situations” by Wombo

Hey you guys! Welcome back to my weekly installment of Listening Party. I got some funky stuff for you people today, and am looking forward to it. Some real weird-brain type vibes. I usually start these off with some sort of little ditty from what’s happening with me or some story I found funny, but nothing is really coming to mind today. So, here’s a top ten list. People love a top ten list.

Top Ten Weird Shit I Found on Facebook Marketplace Today:

10) Bicycle, no back wheel, def not suspicious…

9) Used women’s underwear

8) 1$ tattoo. What a steal

7) 30 empty christmas themed Coca-Cola bottles

6) A poor condition Detlef Schrempf rookie card (might have to scoop)

5) $100 for 4 pairs of yeezys that seem very legit – size 8.5

4) Edibles sold by someone who is definitely not a cop

3) A motorcycle that has been converted to an indoor planting pot. Nothing says edgy like a Monstera plant in a well lit room

2) 1 room for rent that, I shit you not, is literally someone’s screened in porch

1) A reasonably priced Porsche Cayenne

Ah, that’s the content we all love and deserve. Now, sticking with the theme of weird shit, let’s check out our song for the week!

This week I was perusing the Fire Talk New Singles spotify playlist, since it is one of my favorite record companies at the moment. I mean… Dehd releases their stuff on Fire Talk sooooo yeah. I stumbled across a new band that I had yet to hear, Wombo. Wombo is a very mustache forward band. This is something that brings me comfort and reminds me of home (Go Bears). So, I decided to give them a peak. 

Wombo is a band from Louisville Kentucky, but they may as well be from Mars. This band is into some weird stuff, but if you couldn’t tell from my top ten list earlier, I like weird. 

“Situations” is a double scoop of funky shit, complete with a hefty dose of instrumental breaks sprinkled on top. Toss in the cherry that is driving baselines and guitar riffs that oscillate between barebones and wall of sound. Boom, you got yourself a Wombo-split just in time to bring us in to Memorial Day weekend (next week), because f**k Mondays.

Now, I want to specifically talk about the bassline in this song. The bass in this song is really something special. Going between a drone and a walking bassline, it takes us by the hand as it feverishly rushes us through the song. Even as walls of falsetto come crashing down over selectively plucked strings, the bass carries forward. It looks back at me, “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND, BROTHER!” We carry on. The bass keeps me safe, and to me that is beautiful.

Finally, as the song comes to a close, the bassline turns out the lights and tucks me in. With a pat on my head it says, “The little guy’s all tuckered out”.

Listening Party – “Pinky Ring” by Remember Sports

Indie Pong Press Release – 5/05/21

Eat your heart out nerds.

-Daw 🙂

Okay, now that we got that out of the way I would like to thank all of you for your teacher appreciation week well-wishes, monetary gifts, and blood sacrifices. It was noticed. Thank you. Now that I’m finally appreciated I can do my job just like the rest of you 9-5ers, only at a discounted rate! Hooray for teachers!!

Where have I been you may ask. Well, I’ve been working hard, hanging harder, and being as cool as an iceberg wearing sunglasses. So, essentially the usual. Sorry that I don’t have a better reason for my absence than poor time management, but you get what you get.

I can promise, however, that I again will do what I can to churn out some good shit on a weekly basis just for you people. Why? Because I love you. I am in love with you. We should get married. That’s why.

This week I got a tip from a friend of mine (also a scorpio), who I regularly played pool with until the world went to hell in a hand basket. He hit me up with my favorite: angsty indie punk with a female lead. Immediately, I was in to it. So, with no further ado I bring you Remember Sports!

So, this whole album rips. But, with these articles you get one song, so don’t be greedy. It’s unbecoming.

I’m being told that the egg budget in this music videos alone rivaled that of a James Cameron film. No wonder they went with the artistic touch of a little 3D effect. Unfortunately, I forgot my 3D glasses in the movie theater after I watched Avatar for the 5th time. I just I couldn’t stop fixating on whether their hair was also actually an… appendage. Let’s just leave it at that.

Let’s talk about the tunes. A double tap on the snare and we are off. This song is a roller coaster with a screw loose. We are having so much fun, but theirs always the crushing reality of our own mortality. Pair that with the equal parts of vulnerability and angst in Carmen Perry’s lyrics and you have yourself a triple-Daw-certified Bop. This song makes me want to break stuff, then journal about it afterwards.

I feel like I write about breaking stuff a lot. Let’s not look into that one.

It’s Been a Hectic Week feat. New Danny Brown!

So, the title really says it all. It’s been quite the week, people.

A quick recap:

  • I was nervous that I was getting the Axe so I wrote an article pleading my case. I included some of the most indie indie tracks that I love. If I say so myself, it was a hell of a read. Unfortunately, it seems that my article inadvertently put the target on my own back, and lead to Mates doing some deep digging on if I am truly indie, or if I only listen to bands from Twin Peaks Radio.
  • Subsequently, Mates stalked by listening habits from 2020 and put me on blast for only listening to local Chicago bands. This must be because he’s jealous that I’m pretty. Honestly, I don’t blame him. I am extremely good looking, and funny, and I am momma’s best boy. It all checks out. Mates, your jealousy is valid and fair. I empathize with you and am here for you to provide any fashion advice and/or provide any Spotify links to fire Chicago bands. Hm, that should do it.
  • I finally got my graduate’s degree conferred. So, from now on I would like to be referred to as “Daw M. Ed.”, or “Master Daw” for short. Oh, and from now on I would prefer it if no one looks me directly in my eyes and curtsies upon my entry to any room. Thank you!
  • Finally, just today, after all of this up and down I saw on my Spotify that Danny Brown had released a new song!!!

^As you can see I’m pumped^

So, I was perusing my Twin Peaks Radio Spotify Release Radar and I came across some new Danny Brown heat. As someone who occasionally dabbles in skinny jeans and room temp PBR, I love Danny Brown. I was jazzed. The song is entitled “Man Sitting In the White House”.

Oh a political track? I’m interested, though skeptical. I toss it on and brace myself for a patented “CHECK”. But, what do I hear? Slide guitar, an off tune southern drawl backed by garage band drums? Apparently, Danny Brown is trying something new.

So, hmmm… This is not the direction I was thinking that Detroits greatest hipster rapper would take. I for one am surprised. I would describe this song as Q Anon making a diarrhea on a Waylon Jennings b-side. Yeah that will about do it 🙂

This apparently is some white dude name Danny Brown who is hot garbage but slipped through the Spotify algorithm some how. He sucks at singing, his beard is uneven and I don’t respect his views nor do I think they are found in any semblance of reality. But I am supposed to make my indiepong articles something that is uplifting and positive. It’s literally the only rule besides that we aren’t allowed to say fuck. So, let me end this one on a positive!

White Danny Brown, I really appreciate that your hat seems to be the same material as basketball shorts. It provides for a lot of breathability for the concaved bit of skull where your brain is supposed to be. Nailed it!

Am I Getting the Axe?

I’m sure that you’ve all heard. It’s literally everywhere. Mates, oh poor Mates. He’s been canceled. He’s no longer our captain. He is now a commoner like the rest of us. Even worse, he’s a serf now. Note: this is not the “Chey, get tubular” spelling of surf, it’s the “Cough cough (black plague) <death>” spelling of serf. BIG difference there.

I for one am shocked and saddened for Mates. But vastly more importantly, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME?!

I mean George and I are pretty cool, right? Like, we grew up together. Maybe I have sabotaged him a tad bit over the years and have possibly talked behind his back to anyone who would listen. Oh, and there was that one time I insinuated that he was a serial killer… But like we are homies. We are tight… I think.

The question bears to be asked: Am I next? Soon will the Classiest of Cassys be writing an article about me entitled “Dehd-Simp, Daw, Axed as Everyone Celebrates”? Will an upcoming day forever be emblazoned as VD Day?

It’s “Victory over Daw Day”, people, get your mind out of the gutters.

Holy shit, guess there’s only one way out. Friggin write about some tunes baaaaaaaby. Two articles in one week with one more to come. Someone must be on spring break amiright?!

New music is for Listening Parties, so relax.

Today we will talk about songs that make me an invaluable member of the Indie Pong franchise. Songs that I love that also prove that I am indeed, extremely indie and just a pretty all around cool guy. For this list I stuck to a few criteria: no repeat artists, only smaller artists (exposure matters), choice cuts only, 5 tracks because we love a prime number.

Friendly Ghost by Harlem:

I’m a big Harlem fan. The band, I haven’t been to the place yet. The whole album “Hippies” is a real solid offering. My favorite song on this album is definitely Friendly Ghost. Who here doesn’t love a friendly ghost. Shout out to my mans Casper. I mean I almost got a tattoo of a friendly ghost less than a year ago (don’t tell my mom, please). 

What I love about Harlem’s first two albums is that they are impressively unpolished. When I’m listening to them I can hear crushed cheap beer cans and a blown speaker in one of their amps from an ill fated rendition of Bob Segar’s “Night Moves”. They are purposefully rough and unpolished and I’m all about purposeful sloppiness. If it ain’t rough around the edges then no thank you. That’s what I say.

Heavenly Showers by Twin Peaks:

Oh boy, Daw snuck a sad song in here. Didn’t see that one coming. Jk jk I’m contractually obligated to write about at least 10% sad songs. We all saw it coming. I feel like at least once in every 5 articles I reference Twin Peaks but have not actually ever written about them in any substantial way. Twin Peaks are awesome. And now you get my full thoughts on them

I love how this song starts off nice and slow and barebones. Just some storytelling and acoustic guitars. It lays bare the emotional patina of this song. Slowly, we are greeted by our old friend, Madame electric organ. She grabs our hand and guides us to the second verse. At the end of verse two we hear a knock at the door, an “OH YEAH”, and then we are enveloped by a wall of sound that guides us on our way to the completion of the track.

Long Way Home by Dehd:

“We get it Daw, you love Dehd. Relax” No, actually it’s you who should relax, because Dehd is the best band out there and if you disagree then I assume that you have no taste, which is fine but I don’t respect your opinion.

So, the other day I was watching some opening day baseball and I was thinking to myself, what would be my walk up song. “Walk This Way” seemed a bit on the nose, “Enter the Sandman” is too iconic, “The Humpty Dance” was too corny. I was having a lot of trouble. Then it hit me, it’s got to be “Long Way Home”.

Why is “Long Way Home” the perfect walk up song you may ask. Reason 1: It’s baseball adjacent. I don’t know if you’ve played bird ball before, but it is a strangely long walk around the diamond to get home. One may say it’s a long way home… Reason 2: That opening guitar riff snaps everyone out of their hotdog induced sun coma and brings them to attention. I’m a youngest sibling so I need all eyes on me or I will get upset. It’s just what it is. Reason 3: this song is perfect for a nice lively dance walk. I’m thinking props, glitter, bedazzled cod pieces. It’s a mind game out there on the ol dusty diamond, and I will f**k you up.

Jj by Priests:

Speaking of f**king people up let’s turn the energy up. I saw this group at the Goose Island block party (no gooses and no island, what a bummer) I want to say 3 years ago. I was man bunned up and feeling frisky. Looking back it wasn’t the best look but who gives a shit. The past is made for mistakes. That’s how we grow.

Anyways, I had not heard of Priests by this point. From start to finish this was quite possibly the most engaging and energetic concert I maybe have ever been to. From start to finish I was dancing like there was a whole damn ant hill in my pants. This song brings me back to that moment, and damnit I’m still dancing like a man bunned up dummy. I love the western inspired guitar, the frantic drums, and the talk of cigarettes and models sticking their fingers in light sockets. Quality track Priests, thanks.

**HIDDEN TRACK** by Prince Daddy & The Hyena:

I saw these dudes live at a Halloween Beach Bunny show at Thalia Hall a couple of years ago. They were super cool and put on a great show. After the show they hungout by the coat check (big baller move). When I stopped to say that they were awesome and that I loved their show the guitarist definitely made fun of me a lot. In his defense, I looked decidedly un-punk rock. I had dressed up as a beach bunny for the Beach Bunny show and something about my delicate rabbit ears didn’t exactly scream, “This guy isn’t to be fucked with”. This was upsetting but also, I’m cool and hip and don’t need approval from anyone besides my dad so I’m fine. I’M FINE, I SAID.

Anyways, I love this song. I love how it starts off happy and fun – daisies, sunshine, and a kind demeanor. Bells as an instrument, WHY NOT. “I’m gonna turn it around and value myself a little bit more” I think to myself. Then out of nowhere, GUITAR AND DISTORTION tells me to get up and start doing destructive shit. Let’s drink some beers and set some shit on fire. Being accountable and focussed on self growth is almost as un-punk rock as bunny ears and short shorts. And we are friggin’ punk rock around these parts.

Mr. Hyena, I’m cool now and would really appreciate an apology in the form of a sledgehammer to anything breakable.

Update: I’ve been told that this was all an April Fools joke, but my job still may be in jeopardy. Welp what can ya do.

Listening Party: “Ziplock” by Saba and “Cigarette Packet” by Sorry

Ahem, is this thing on (tap, tap, tap). I would like to, um, apologize… FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Aha, eat it nerds!

I have been a bit preoccupied the past two weeks enjoying the weather, and enjoying the presence of my wonderful girlfriend, who is spending the next several weeks in the land of hot beefs and cold winds. So, to make it up, this week I’ll be gracing all of you with not one, but two very different but equally enjoyable tracks.

I do this for free so complain to the manager all you want. 

My first track I wanted to show you is from Chicago’s own, Saba. Saba has been That Guy in Chicago for a little bit. He burst on the scene in 2013 with one of the best verses on Chance’s Acid Rap project on “Everbody’s Something” and hasn’t looked back since. Saba’s sing-song delivery, varied cadences, and clever wordplay is on full display in the laid back and relaxed “Ziplock”. Pair that with a stripped down piano-driven beat and we are dripping power. 

This song reads like a good therapy session: 

In verse one Saba introduces us to where he is right now and the difficulties that come with addressing his past and where he comes from. A quick shout out to Westside Bound 3 “I come from the part of town not talked about, but chalk get outlined if you blink”, almost reminds me of a Kick Push II, where we see that yin to the yang of the first, more upbeat track. 

In verse two we hear Saba moving forward and talking about where he is now juxtaposed with where he is going. Wondering aloud, Saba displays a new layer to the listener as he describes shortfalls that he feels like he has had in the past, as well as his vision moving forward. In this verse Saba describes letting go of his fear as he finds ways to fully articulate the emotional depth that he brings to projects moving forward.

Okay, now that we are in our feelings a bit, I wanted to speed it up and give us something to vigorously move our bodies to. I made my way back to ol’ trusty: Domino Records for this one. “Cigarette Packet” by North London’s Sorry is a jam and I need everyone to know. I’m getting LCD Soundsystem in a manic state vibes with this track. James Murphy is in New York in the 90’s and just drank a few energy drinks before hopping on the ones and twos type shit.

My favorite thing about this song, besides the pure unbridled energy and my insatiable need to dance shirtless to it? Cowbells, baby. And lots of em. They are a siren call drawing me in. How did I get a cigarette in my hand… But I quit? What’s ‘appening. I have a dodgy haircut and am dressed much more fashionably. Norf London bruv. Good old Arsenal. 

You get it? I turned British. I’m British now.

Listening Party – “Trophy” by Crumb


So, I’m out here in my hometown of Chicago (Go Bears) and it’s been a little wild. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, and people are getting “Fuck the Monarchy” drunk. 

If there’s anything you need to know about Chicago during the month of March it’s that we love dying shit green and getting irresponsibly drunk. Love to see it. 

Oh, and the city also smells like cabbage farts for about a week and a half. Love to see it a little less, but oh well.

I live in a pretty bustling part of the city, so I decided to have a friend and his girlfriend over to grill and people watch from my backyard. We are hanging outside cheffing up some real good stuff and having a few brewskis. 

A car pulls up. Everyone in the car is dressed in head to toe green and are either decently drunk or extremely annoying. Regardless, the neighbors start to gather. So at this time it’s myself, my two friends, our neighbors and a slowly growing gaggle of elementary school-aged children materializing in adjacent yards and decks. 

Seemingly oblivious to her captivated crowd, the front passenger decides that now is a good time to change her pants. Folks, her door was slightly ajar. Yeah. As she is leaning against the door it pops open and she is ejected from the car with her pants around her ankles, as buck naked as a David Byrne song.

Did she pull those pants up right away? Nah, at that moment she decided today was the day that she made the Lincoln Park neighborhood her own personal nudist colony. Fortunately for her, the police had bigger fish to fry and she was able to do her thing. Unfortunately the children were completely unprepared, and may have experienced some very mild trauma. 

So, I decided then and there that this week I’m doing this article about a nice calm and relaxing track to hopefully offset some of the drama that we all endured this weekend. It’s time to heal.

Crumb is a band that I’ve been super in to for a couple years now. In the past I’ve described this Brooklyn outfit as, “former high school jazz band members who got really into mushrooms”. I stand by this for their first two EP’s, Locket and Crumb. But something is just a bit different about this new track.

This song is understated, relaxed, and powerful. I friggin love lead singer Lila Rimani’s voice. It’s calming and soft, but then you’re hit with that touch of vocal distortion that adds some layers. This song is like a little sonic tiramisu. Layers, people. I’m talking flavor development. I’m talking something that makes me feel better than I did before I listened to it.

I knew this song was perfect to help these kids out. In the words of Lila Rimani, “That’s just the way it goes”. In the words of me, “Eat some tiramisu. It’ll make you feel nice.”

Listening Party – “Cellophane (Brain)” by Middle Kids

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the news yet, but earlier this week Mates and I spent a morning listening to MAGDALENE together, and it was quite magical. We were completing each other’s sentences, and just all around vibing. We talked about our favorite tracks, as well as one track that we felt may have belonged on another project. It was a pretty good way for me to start my day and for Mates to finish his. These are the moments of connection that keep me going.

Then the weirdest thing happened… As the album came to completion, my monitor flickered and the wind outside began to howl. I reach out to take a sip of water, but mysteriously my water bottle is now a room temperature Dairy Queen Blizzard… Is that MVP 05 on the screen? How has my career already made it to the year 2045?! 

Oh my god. It can’t be.

On the wall, there’s now a Yu Darvish poster right next to a framed copy of some aggressively sexual Rent themed fan fiction. I’ve grown a thick and powerful mustache and I’m wearing a t-shirt from a band that you have absolutely not heard of. 

It’s happened… After years of friendship, Mates and I have finally soul bonded. We will be forever linked. From now on when Mates sees anything green he will uncontrollably shriek “GO WHITE”. Whenever someone talks about a liberal arts school I will say, dismissively, “I mean it’s no Chapman, but whatever.” 

Honestly, I’m fine with it. Take it or leave it I guess.

I decided to do what Mates, I mean me, or we… whatever…  do best. Find new music. I looked on a couple label websites that have been pretty active recently and after going through a few I ended back at ol’ trusty, Domino Records. There I discovered that Middle Kids has come out with a new single “Stacking Chairs” a few days ago. 

There is a gem on the EP called “Cellophane (Brain)”. I was immediately hooked. So, I’m coming in this week throwing together an article even though, technically, Cellophane was released far more than a week ago. It’s two months in and we are off the rails, people.

Cellophane is a powerful, genuine, and catchy track that builds until I’m ready to get some impressively off-beat and aggressive dance moves. There are a couple lines in this song that resonate with me alot. 

“Moving up the coastline, Making deals, Selling houses” I don’t know why I love this line so much. It just sounds really cool, and makes me think that this song is performed in a power suit, which I like.

“Nothing more sad than a man who cries, In his car in the driveway” This one is actually personally pretty poignant for me. Oof going get real vulnerable for a moment. This’ll go great… 

Oftentimes when I have tough days at work, where something out of my control is happening with a student, I feel very defeated. It sucks. When this happens I have such a predictable reaction that I’m somehow never ready for. I get home, I park, and then I’m stuck in my idle car for anywhere from 10 minutes to a half-hour. I’m not doing anything during that time, just sitting. Blank mind, my gaze is completely unfocussed. I’ve been told that this is a time where my mind essentially is letting itself turn off after running a hundred miles a second. Hearing this line immediately made me feel less alone. 

Great music has the ability to make us feel something. This song makes me feel comfort and makes me feel understood by someone I’ve never met. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Thanks for reading and enjoy the week. I’ll be looking for new music 🙂

Listening Party (Mates’ Birthday Edition) – “Half a Human” by Real Estate

So, this article is coming in on February 28th. It’s the last day of the month. Mates has done it. A dry February behind him, and staring down the barrel of the glory lap of his 20s. Mates is riding high, people. 

HAPPY FRIGGIN’ BIRTHDAY DUDE. Thank you so much Mates. Thanks for making indiepong a fun experience, and thanks for sending me random music links at all hours of the days. You’re a cool dude, and a great friend. Have a beer on me tomorrow. 

That brings me to my next point actually… It’s weird how that goes sometimes. I FORMALLY CHALLENGE MATES TO A SHOTGUN-OFF. As a courtesy, I’ll provide the light beer. Mates used to pride himself in high school on his shotgunning abilities, but it’s been a decade now. This isn’t a youngmans game. Also, since Mates has been out of the midwest for a while people have been wondering, “Does he still have what it takes?” 

Only one way to find out I guess…

In the meantime, I have some more brand new tunes for you. On the 24th Domino records announced something that is pretty cool. Real Estate is releasing an EP entitled Half a Human, along with an accompanying video for the title track. This video is pretty cool, pretty weird. I’m into it a lot.

This song is very dad rock to me. I’m talking about a new balance and miller lite dad rock. We just finished up a game of 16-inch and we’re ready to cool down with the fellas. I tune into Q101. What comes over the old airwaves but, Real Estate’s “Half Human”. In unison, the members of the Robert Crown Softball League juggernaut, Beer Hand Catch, start bobbing your heads and tapping your toes. 

It’s a vibe, to say the least. I love Real Estate. This song is relaxing, interesting, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love how the song builds to the 2:43 mark and then quickly falls out to a soundscape of airy solos, silky basslines, and pillow soft drum fills. It all makes me want to go outside and smile at strangers. I’m wearing a mask so it’s all in the eyes baby.

See ya soon Mates!