Me and Daw just live listened to MAGDALENE together and I think we’re soul bonded now

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Daw sent me this v nice track called Cellophane which I loved:

and admitted I loved but in my concession said that it would only ever be the second best Cellophane of all time, which led Daw and I to a discussion about 2019’s AOTY (neck and neck with The Book of Traps and Lessons IMO) and one of the best albums of the decade:

Now I won’t run on a treadmill running through the highlights of this album because we all already know this is a certified classic (highlights for me are literally all of them), this blog is more about the fact that Daw and I texted and I’m pretty sure we soul bonded.

As soon as Daw texted me “that was a good album” I reached for my phone and my hands were covered in dried French’s yellow. I looked down and realized I was now wearing a T-shirt that read “Beach Bunny #1 fan”, and I looked over at my dresser and saw a 240 page screenplay titled “Izzo & Lizzo”, which upon inspection was a buddy cop comedy starring international superstar Lizzo and specifically East Lansing superstar Tom Izzo, and it wasn’t bad?

Anyways, we’re soul bonded now I guess.


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