Black Star by Apna (Debut EP)

December 11, 2020,

In September 2019 Apna a four-piece rock band from South Lanarkshire, Scotland debut with the single Who’s It Gonna Be? And one month later was released Black Star “favourite lyrics on the ep, it’s about something looking at earth and seeing it’s problems” after that only silences… until today.

We have now their debut EP with 3 new tracks that the band presents in their own words:

Hooked. “Planned to be a b-side, now one of our favourite tro play live and favourite to open with, its about someone keeping you on the hook.”

A Day At The Races. (IMHO their best track so far) “Written mentally while in work, its about making something of yourself”

Where Have The Good Times Gone. “About music and how its evolved to be more computer-generated in a lot of places”

Here the whole EP for our enjoyment.

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I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this band streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers and Alterindie State Of Mind.

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