100 Underground Tracks 2020 (64-72)

November 30, 2020, Next batch for this sick Playlist #100undergroundtracks2020, time for these 9 bands with the track that I enjoy the most and already locked a place here (72 already) #showlove

64.- Home Counties Redevelpment

65.- Heavy Salad High Priestess

66.-  The Two Tens Gotta Find Something

67.- Okay, Bye Bubble

68.-  S.M. Wolf Are You Happy?

69.- Mild Headache 17

70.- Dissonance & Dissent As The World Goes Up In Flames

71.- Realize  Slag Pile

72.- Mess Of Wires Hard To Tell

The whole 72 tracks are here in this Playlist

Stream, Support, Share and enjoy it!!!


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