Early AOTY Entry: Wednesday’s “I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone”

Wednesday, a genre defiant band from North Carolina, artfully combines familiar indie sounds on this album to reinvent them into something you’ve never heard before. Despite the fact that Wednesday detests the pompous undertones of the idea of art (or at least art school) on “Impression Sunrise” from their 2018 album “Yep Definitely”, their album boldly ventures into new artistic territory in exciting fashion.

This pop-less album stuns me from start to finish, and thanks to the stellar triple guitar of lead Daniel Gorham, steel Xandy Chelmis, and guitarist/vocalist Karly Hartzman the album elevates above others in tangent genres (not in the same genre, because I’m not sure if there is a same genre). This album shows a great evolution from the 2018’s more synth-oriented album, although the themes and lyrics on that album were top notch as well.

I could mince words forever, about the album speaks for itself. Here’s the opening track:

In this day and age bands often find a sound that works and stick with it in order to tell their story, but ‘I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone feels void of that phenomenon, as their message rattles proud ahead of any computer generated effects or production tricks. That’s not to say the mixing isn’t incredible- it is.

It was almost impossible to pick which song will be on the upcoming Indie Pong playlist update. Would it be the above opening track? Would it be ‘Underneath’, specifically the second half?

Would it be time-stoppingly beautiful ‘November’?

Well after much heated deliberation we finally settled on a track. Nobody said blogging was easy:

The bar has been set. Do yourself a favor and ascend into lo-fi heaven by giving it a listen.

The update isn’t quite up yet, but follow our playlist here for automatic updates:


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